The Design 1 Kitchen fire place

Cold winter nights with a warm glow from the fire place, your wood drawer stocked to keep the fire burning throughout the night. Candles gently lighting the mantle, warm down lights shine softly through the glass display cabinets. You are sitting by the fire enjoying a hot cuppa and a good movie with your favourite person.

With only a blank wall or an unneeded window we can transform your living room so much you will think you have walked into the a neighbours home!

  • Cut down on energy costs and choose from a wide range of fire places
  • Consult with our team on the best way to incorporate a fireplace into your space
  • Turn your home into an energy efficient place and enjoy the atmosphere of a beautiful fire to keep cosy and warm
  • You’ll be surprised at the low cost no fuss, quick and efficient way Design 1 Kitchen can have your fireplace installed.

Don’t miss out this winter, order a Design 1 Kitchen fire place now. We will taylor a fireplace to suit your dwelling and add value to your home.

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The Story behind our latest fireplace

A customer phoned to get a book case built in her family room. After designing this for her, Denise commented “I’d really like a book case surrounding the fire place as well?” I said “I would need to know the fireplace specifications to do this, would you like us to supply the entire renovation including the fire place cabinetry, building and plaster work and the flue?”

As a result we came up with this design.

Here is a step by step procedure that could happen at your place in the near future.

  • We meet with you at your place to look for a suitable place in your home, discus your dream fire place renovation to design a masterpiece in the style to suite you.
  • Select the triple skin zero clearance fire place of your choice, value the project to fit your budget.
  • Book in the cabinet/joinery delivery/install date, 5-6weeks out.
  • Schedule the building, plastering and fireplace install for the week before the cabinet/joinery delivery/install. 4-5 weeks out.
  • Order matching cornice
  • Onsite preparation – set out foot print for new cabinets and hearth, cut away excess carpet and keeping excess skirting just in case, relocate power for fire place fan force, TV sound and lighting.
  • Set out and fix treated pine timber work to house zero clearance kit. Fit and install zero clearance kit, fireplace and triple skin flue kit with waterproof cowling.
  • Fit Giproc to timber set plaster and fit and set cornice.
  •  Install cabinet/joinery and mantel, ready to paint the new Gyproc wall and cornice.


See photos of Denise’s brand new fireplace installation HERE.