With Design One Kitchen, you can chose from several quality products from which your kitchen can be made. Each product has it’s advantages which can be used to taylor your kitchen needs.

Laminate Kitchens

Laminate products allow for versatility in design and durability. Laminate is one of the most popular materials when it comes to kitchen benchtops, and it is often a person’s first choice. There are several advantages to using laminate for your kitchen benchtop.  It is cheaper than many other materials that can be used and it comes in a huge range of colours and styles.  It can even emulate other materials such as natural stone or timber.  If you choose a high pressure laminate for your benchtop, it will be easy to clean and it will also resist scratching and staining.

Polyurethane Kitchens

Polyurethane products ensure your kitchen is durable and long lasting whilst maintaining a fresh clean look and feel. Polyurethane kitchens are easy to clean, by simply wiping the kitchen cupboards with a damp cloth, most stains will be removed. They look wonderful with stone and composite kitchen benchtops. Polyurethane is a hard, highly durable and it’s scratch-resistant paint surface is popular for use in modern kitchens as well as traditional kitchen designs. Polyurethane kitchens offer an unlimited palette of colours from which to select in order to perfectly match any décor. Polyurethane is an easy to clean surface which provides you with a low maintenance kitchen.

Timber Kitchens

The natural appeal of timber kitchens create a homely ambiance that cannot be matched. The beauty of timber is in all the variations of colour, texture and patterns of graining, this is the reason for choosing real wood. For the true lover of real wood this is the very reason for choosing a natural finish rather than a man made alternative.