Have no idea where to start to build a new kitchen? Design 1 Kitchen can help you every step of the way with friendly, professional no fuss and prompt service. Read below for tips on building your dream kitchen.

  • The Working Triangle

    Kitchentips_1Wouldn’t it be great if every house had a space for the kitchen that allowed a great “Working Triangle. It is considered ideal if you can have a nice triangle between your sink, hotplate and fridge. While you may not be able to create the ideal working triangle in your space it is a great tool to use when considering your new kitchen layout.
  • Kitchen Storage

    Kitchentips_4Most of us have far more stuff than we need! But we do have to store it somewhere? Considering your storage needs is will be a huge benefit when we get down to designing and choosing the types of storage. Drawers are used more often as a fantastic use of space as they don’t require air space for reaching the items at the back of a shelf. Lemans moving corner shelves are smooth operating selection for blind corners.
  • Circulating Air

    Kitchentips_5The Range Hood is a great way to get good ventilation, it is great if you can expel the air to the great outdoors, this is the best and preferred option. However depending on the type of cooking you do you may be able to recirculate with a recirculating hood, or through the hood cabinet to bulkhead space adjoining your oven or fridge space. This option must stay within the kitchen space to remain legal, sending grease and oil into your ceiling cavity could spell disaster if it caught fire.
  • Fashion and Style

    Kitchentips_34 – Fashion has us adoring certain colours, and over the years we have had some out there Greens and Oranges, that we frequently remove when renovating your homes. Some brave people are even putting these back in retro renovations!

    Despite these fashion fads the majority of kitchens installed have and still are white or neutral colours, Something to consider is renovating for resale.

  • Good Design

    Kitchentips_2Design: “Good design isn’t everything but it is the starting point for every exceptional product.” – Tony Borrott

    No matter how much money you spend if you don’t get the design right you will inevitably have some disappointments with the end result.

    As a designer I look for the things that are important to you and the things that make good use of space. Work space, bench top space and appliance housing and usage space, pantry and other storage space, are important things for you to consider before or when you meet with your designer.